Frequently Asked Questions On Container  Homes

What are container homes?

Container homes are innovative dwellings constructed using repurposed shipping containers. They provide a sustainable and unique alternative to traditional construction, combining modern design with eco-friendly materials.

Do container homes overheat during the summer?

Our containers have dual-layer insulation on top and single layer insulation on the sides. This not only prevents the container from overheating but also serves as noise insulation.

Can we create customised container homes?

We primarily build custom container houses and give recommendations according to client requirements. We simply create the house but you live in it, so it only makes sense that you get the final say in how it looks and feels.

Can you place the container house on steep land?

With a strong base civil work, your container house can be placed up to 5 feet from the ground level. 

Does it involve a large amount of on-site construction?

No, container homes involve minimal on-site construction. The majority of the work, including modifications to the shipping containers, is done off-site. On-site assembly typically includes connecting the containers and completing finishing touches, resulting in a faster and more efficient construction process compared to traditional methods.

Is the cost of maintenance high?

It is similar to a regular home. An exterior paint job every 7-9 years increases the life of the steel outer body.

Does the container corrode?

Since the container is made up of Corten steel it does not corrode.  

Is there a resale value for the container?

Since steel has an increasing salvage value in the market, your house will have a resale value, unlike cement houses. 

Can I make money out of the container home?

Listing your container home out on Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to make money with your unit.

What’s the lifespan of the container house?

The lifespan of a container home is notably long, typically ranging from 30 to 40 years or more. The durable steel construction of shipping containers is designed to withstand harsh conditions during transportation, and when properly maintained and adapted for residential use, container homes can endure for several decades.

Why choose a modular construction over a traditional construction?

Choosing modular construction over traditional construction offers several advantages.

  1. Efficiency: Modular construction is faster, as components are prefabricated off-site, reducing construction time.

  2. Cost-Effective: It often results in cost savings due to streamlined processes, reduced material waste, and efficient use of resources.

  3. Quality Control: The controlled factory environment enhances quality control, ensuring consistent and high-quality construction.

  4. Flexibility: Modular construction allows for greater design flexibility and customization to meet specific preferences and needs.

  5. Reduced Disruption: On-site disruption is minimized, benefiting both the construction process and the surrounding environment.

Overall, modular construction provides a modern, efficient, and adaptable alternative to traditional building methods.

Can I move my container home elsewhere after a year?

Absolutely. One of the advantages of container homes is their portability. If you decide to relocate after a year, your container home can be disassembled and transported to a new location. The modular nature of container homes allows for easy relocation, providing you with the flexibility to move and enjoy your home in a different setting. Keep in mind that proper planning and coordination with professionals are crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation process.

Is it pet friendly?

We provide scratch-proof wooden floorings which make sure the paws don’t damage your house.

How big is 160 sqft container home?

A 160 sqft container home provides comfortable living for up to 3 adults. It features a versatile space that combines the living and bedroom areas, a practical kitchenette, a bathroom, ample storage space, and generously sized windows for natural light and an open feel.

Can you design the entire plot for us?

Our Architectural design services helps you design the entire plot with path ways, exterior lights, gazebos, the main home, your utilities and parking. We have design some great looking plots, we would love to add yours to the list.

Is it possible to make the container a smart home?

Yes, it is possible to make the container home a smart home through IOT systems.

Will there be any leakages from the roof?

We provide a watertight ceiling which prevents leakages. 

Is it possible to get a solar panel fixed?

Yes! You can pursue your off grid dream home through our container houses. 

What’s the time duration you take to build container homes?

Upto 2 months for one unit or multiple. 

what is the price of a container home?

Our container homes are priced between 8 Lakhs and 1.1 Crore, offering a range to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

Does the container conduct electricity?

No, the insulation and earthing prevents electricity from passing through it.

What are the prerequisites my plot requires to add a container house?

To facilitate the placement of the container, essential prerequisites include the construction of a soak pit, a water sump, and basic civil work on the site. These preparations ensure proper drainage, water storage, and foundational support necessary for the installation of the container.

Does the container home need any permission/sanctions from BBMP?

Yes and we assist you in achieving the same!